Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Nature Spotting!!

I've received this very interesting email from one of my students that has been nature spotting during his visit to USA. Thanks Juan Carlos!! I will be looking forward to more of your photos!

Hi Sheila,
I´m Juan Carlos Císcar, from E1ºB.
I've been in the USA this month and I've taken lots of beautiful photos, like this one.
I saw this black bear in New Hampshire, near Boston.
I didn´t have enough time to take a photo when it was looking at us; but I had time to shoot when it was going back to the woods. It's in the middle of the photo.
It was amazing!!!
I saw the bear the last day, and all the days I was there, people asked us: "Hey guys, have you seen that bear?"
I´ll send you some more photos.
Have a great summer!

Juan Carlos

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