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 These fun projects were done by students of ESO2 at the end of last year. They are electric circuit games. Inside the box there is a 4.5v battery connected to a small light bulb in an open electric circuit, this is why the light bulb is off. The aim of the game is to pass the metal ring over the wire without touching it. If it touches it the circuit closes and the light bulb lights up. The students  decorated their boxes as they wished. You can make the game easier or more difficult by twisting the wire more or less!

By Alberto Fernández
By Alejandro Navarro
By Alvaro Garrido

Here are some beautiful models of cells made with plasticine by students of ESO2.

Animal cell by Anabel Muñoz

Animal cell by Nuria de la Cierva

Animal cell by Blanca Kirkendall

Plant cell by María Torres

Plant cell by Estefanía Mateos

Animal cell by Sara Farrington

Animal cell by Ana García
Animal cell by Adrian Ybarra

Plant cell by Kike Prieto


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There are beautiful and fantastic.

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THEY are beautiful and fantastic.

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They are fantastic