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Medicinal plants collected by JoséLuis Benavente 
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Infusions of rosemary are used for coughs , fever and painful digestions. Filter and drink three cups a day.

Oleander (Nerium oleander)
This poisonous plant in the hand of doctors can be converted into an excellent medicine .The pharmaceutical industry uses it for preparing cardiotonic and diuretic specialities .The hydroalchoholic extract of oleander acts on the movement of the heart.

Mallow (Malva silvestris)
For swollen gums and throats . In a cup of boiling water soak a teaspoon of mallow flowers for 10 minutes . Filter the liquid and use as a mouthwash . Repeat several times a day.

Orangetree (Citrus aurantium)
It´s used to prevent insomnia and nervous excitement . Put a cup of boiling water two grams of orange leaves , filter and sweeten with honey before drinking.

Nettle (Urtica dioca)
It is a infallible remedy for bleeding, it´s used as a remedy for sputum, also blood loss caused by menopausial disorders .The stinging nettle juice stops nosebleeds when introduced through the  nose, it´s also used as a multivitamin specially to increase milk production in women after child birth.

Thistle (Sylibum marianum)
Milk thistle is also used in many products to reduce the effects of a hangovers.

Bibliography - Text translated from "EL MARAVILLOSO MUNDO DE LAS HIERBAS" Editorial SA

Stand ready for the Science Fair
José Luis Benavente at the Science Fair 2013
José Luis Benavente explaining his project during the Science Fair


Male and female turtles
The turtle is a reptile characterised by having a wide, short trunk, and a shell that protects the internal organs of the body. Coming out of the shell are: the head and front legs, and behind, the hind legs and the tail.
The most important characteristic of the skeleton of turtles is that a large part of the spinal column is welded to the back side of the shell.

 The skeleton makes breathing impossible by movement of the rib cage si it is performed primarily by the contraction of the modified abdominal muscles. The skull has great features of primitivism.
Although lacking teeth, they have a beak covering its mandible, like the beak of the birds.
 Like all reptiles, turtles are ectothermic, which means that their metabolic activity depends on the external or temperature of the environment.
Turtles shed their skin, but unlike lizards and snakes, they do it gradually. They also molt the shields of the carapace, individually and apparently in no particular order.

Amaya Valdés working on her model of a turtle

Model of the internal organs of a turtle 

Model of a turtle with its carapace

Preparing the terrarium for the turtles

Stand ready for the Science Fair
Amaya Valdés at the Science Fair 2013

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Check out this interesting video about the origin of the atom structure theory. The study of atoms has changed from thinking that  atoms are static particles, to then finding that the electrons move around the atoms, now it is known that electrons do not follow the laws of motion and that the movement of electrons is unpredictible.

Friday, 3 May 2013


 Here is a list of elements and their symbols that you studied last year. It is convenient that you revise them again this year. Most elements have very similar names in spanish and in english but I have written next to the ones that differ a little more, the name in spanish too. You must study them for the next grade exam.

Go to the articles section to watch a really interesting video about the origin of the atom theory!

H – Hydrogen
Na – Sodium
K – Potassium
Mg – Magnesium
Ca – Calcium
Ba – Barium
Ra – Radium
Mn – Manganese
Fe – Iron – Hierro
Co – Cobalt
Ni – Nickel
Pt – Platinum
Cu – Copper – Cobre
Ag – Silver
Au – Gold
Zn – Zinc
Hg – Mercury
B – Boron
Al – Aluminium
C - Carbon
Si – Silicon – Silicio
Sn – Tin – Estaño
Pb – Lead – Plomo
N – Nitrogen
P – Phosphorous
As – Arsenic
O – Oxygen
S – Sulphur – Azufre
F – Fluorine
Cl – Chlorine
Br – Bromine
I – Iodine
He – Helium
Ne - Neon
Ar – Argon
Xe – Xenon
Rn - Radon