Thursday, 6 March 2014


 Lucía Sanz has done a great experiment to show transpiration in plants! As you know, three processees take place in plant leaves. Plants take in oxygen and expulse carbon dioxide through their leaves, this is respiration. They do this all the time, during the day and during the night. They also take in carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts and with energy from the Sun they convert these inorganic substances into organic substances. This is photosynthesis. They do this, only during the day. This is how plants make their own food. Oxygen is produced in this process and expulsed. This is why plants are so important on our planet, because they are oxygen producers, they oxygenate the atmosphere for other living things. Plants also elimante excess water through their leaves. The water they absorb through the roots is transported up the stem and the water that isn't used in photosynthesis is expulsed through the stomas. This is called transpiration.

 If you put a plastic bag over a leaf, after a few days you will find drops of water in the bag. This shows that plants release water through their leaves. 
This is exactly what Lucía has done. She put a tiny bag over one of the leaves and waited for three days. After this time you can clearly see the water that has collected in the bag!

 This is a great experiment Lucía and a great presentation. Thanks for sharing it with Science Magazine! 
Keep up the good work!!
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