Monday, 3 October 2016

Investigating fingerprints - Science fair project - Paula Martínez Saenz

 My science fair project consisted of trying to find if the general pattern of fingerprints is inherited. There are three basic shapes: loop, whorl and arch. Everyone falls into one of these categories, but there are subtle differences such as positioning, amount of lines and angles. This therefore makes everyone's fingerprints unique to them. I took my family’s fingerprints and started investigating. Finally, what I saw was that the basic pattern doesn't seem to be inherited. I looked information about this and found that fingerprints are apparently formed during the third or fourth month of pregnancy and their shape depends on the different conditions of the baby inside its mother, conditions like the blood pressure or the babies posture in the womb.
 At the Science Fair, I showed my collection of fingerprints that I had gathered from family members, my results and conclusion. After explaining my project I offered people to see what type of fingerprints they had, and determine their basic shape, whorl, loop or arch. 

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