Wednesday, 28 September 2016

DNA Extraction From Strawberries- Science fair proyect - Sonsoles Rodríguez

 DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the molecule of life. DNA exists in every organism, from the smallest virus to the largest mammal, in every single cell. It is the only known molecule that has the ability to replicate itself.
 DNA is made up of two very long and thin fibres twisted together. Genes are located along the fibre, there are proteins attached to the genes that activate or deactivate them at different moments or in different cells. Other proteins help coil the DNA into chromosomes.

 In this experiment Sonsoles has extracted the DNA fibres form the nuclei of strawberry cells. A white cloudy substance (DNA) soon developed in the test tube above the strawberry layer. The colour contrast between the strawberries and the DNA fibres made it easier to see.

 For this, she used strawberries, water, beakers, test tubes, dish detergent, salt, filter paper, alcohol and a plastic bag. Sonsoles repeated the experiment several times until she was familiar with the procedure and the results were how we expected.
 Sonsoles carried out the experiment several times at the Science Fair not only showing the results but also the method to the visitors at her stand. 

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