Monday, 10 June 2013


 Cultivating protozoa has also been a class project. We collected dry leaves from the school grounds and placed them in a bowl with water. After a few days we added some rice. We left this preparation for aproximately 2 weeks. After this time we made microscopic preparations and were suprised to see a wide range of protozoa. The protozoa varied in shape and size and also in their motility. Some moved very quickly with their cilia, others used their flagellum, some moved in circles. The most suprising was a protozoa that curled their flagellum like a spring and then stretched it very quickly in a like jumping movement. We identified this protozoa as vorticela. We also saw paramecium, cosmarium, navicula, vorticela etc. We were also lucky to see microscopic nematodes in some of the samples.

Check out these videos! You can see many moving protozoa!! These are two of our samples!!

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